COACHING “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Team Coaching.

Maximize Your Team's Performance and Bring About Real, Sustainable Success.

In today’s complex and rapidly changing world, 80% of organizations operate almost wholly on teams. Teams and leaders need to be able to navigate the system and create connections on multiple levels to develop a sustainable and prosperous workplace. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the individuals, teams, or even departments, but the connections between them that poses the greatest challenge.

It is essential for teams to work well together within the team, so that every team member is able to represent the whole team effectively when they engage with the team`s stakeholders.  Systemic Team Coaching supports the entire journey.


Systemic Team Coaching explores the development of the collective team, the relationships within the team, and the team’s relationship with its stakeholders. It looks at issues related to collective performance, enabling the team to recognize and manage influences on its performance, now and in the future.


Team Coaching can help your team to :

  • Navigate the challenges of today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world
  • Develop better processes of decision-making, communicating, and organizing work
  • Work more effectively with other teams
  • Develop greater clarity of purpose
  • Become “future-fit.”

Team Coaching is a journey more so than an event. A pair of team coaches will help assess the team’s current state based on team and stakeholder feedback. This can be done with the help of the Team Connect 360 Assessment.

In addition to focusing on the team’s internal relationships and functioning, the systemic team coach works with the team and its members to build their collective leadership, helping them to co-create value in their engagement with their stakeholders.

For the coaching engagement duration, the team coaches will collaborate with the leader and team and build a series of development activities that will enable the team to operate at their desired level. The process is designed to minimize any potential disruption while enabling the team to bring into the open any issues it needs to explore/maximize its effectiveness.

Individual Coaching.

Own Your Success

Individual coaching is a powerful way to increase professional effectiveness. It focuses on personal development and mindset shifts, empowering the coachee to take accountability in identifying and developing your strengths and areas of development and take ownership for acquiring new skills and perspectives of your thoughts and behaviors to achieve your personal and professional goals.

But don`t take our word for it.   Watch this 2.49 minutes excerpt of Atul Gawande`s Ted Talk Why Everyone Needs a Coach

We offer

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching
  • Career Coaching 

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